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Anthony Gallo Acoustics
Nucleus Reference 3.1 Loudspeaker

The Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Reference 3.1 loudspeaker is a true high-end home stereo speaker. Designed with the performance- and decor-conscious audiophile in mind, the Reference 3.1 will add a timeless look to your living room and let you hear what you've been missing in all of your favorite movies and music recordings.
Anthony Gallo Acoustics
Nucleus Micro
The Nucleus Micro produces a vast soundstage and pinpoint imaging, in a beautifully small, visually attractive package.
MG 1.6
The MG1.6 offers ribbon technology and planar bass resolution at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables. Musical value is what Magneplanars are all about.
Spendor Audio
Classic Series
For over 30 years Spendor has developed a succession of distinctive and innovative loudspeakers.
Model 5A
One of the many unique features incorporated into the Model 5 is complete upgradeability. Over the last few years we have been working on upgrading the Model 5's performance with the latest state of the art technologies.
Wilson Audio
Series 2 MAXX
Language can scarcely suggest the auditory experience awaiting the listener via the new Series 2 MAXX. Suffice it to say that MAXX will connect you to the music in a way few other loudspeakers can manage.
Wilson Audio
It's small enough to sit on a table or to fit in a bookshelf. You might be tempted to call it a bookshelf speaker. You'd be half right.
Wilson Audio
WATT/Puppy Series 8
The loudspeaker practically synonymous with Wilson Audio, proclaiming you can have both beauty and accuracy.
Wilson Audio
Sophia Series 2
With a protective eye on preserving those qualities that imbued Sophia with her intrinsic grandeur, Wilson Audio set out to improve on her strengths through an application of these new technologies. Introducing Sophia Series 2.