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Ayre Acoustics
DX-7e DVD Player

Step into the future of DVD with the extraordinary versatility of the Ayre DX-7. Modular video options provide complete flexibility with every signal format, including the all-digital DVI connection for pixel-perfect performance with digital displays.
Ayre Acoustics
D-1xe DVD CD Player
The Ayre D-1x soars above all other DVD players in class of its own. Its unique combination of innovative new technologies delivers an extraordinary picture, unrivaled for resolution, smoothness, and dimensionality.
Esoteric Audio
Super Audio CD/CD, DVD Audio/Video Player - High Rigidity Body Design evolved from the design concept of X-01 and UX-1
KOMPONENT looks great and delivers a truly captivating music and movie experience - the culmination of many months of careful listening, tuning and testing by some of the world's leading acoustic engineers.
UNIDISK SC represents a new generation of multi-channel product and is all you need to access and control music and movies across all quality audio and video formats.
Classik Unik Loudspeaker
The Classik Unik is a loudspeaker for front, centre or rear channel use which is based on the design of Linn’s successful 5110 loudspeaker. It boasts a revised cabinet design and new crossover unit which noticeably improve acoustic performance.
MHT200 Integrated Home Theater Amplifier
The McIntosh MHT200 A/V Receiver has virtually all the features of the highly acclaimed MX134 preamp/tuner plus six 140-watt (into 4 ohms) amplifiers with McIntosh's exclusive Power Guard circuitry for the ultimate in Dolby Digital and DTS excitement (both with matrix rear channel center-channel capability). Second zone architecture with two additional on-board 140-watt channels makes multiroom expansion as easy as installing speaker wires.
MX135 A/V Control Center
The MX135 has the performance you expect from McIntosh with a new level of flexibility, unmatched in the industry with five sets of component video inputs, along with composite and S-Video upconversion combine for unparalleled video connectivity.
Video Xtreme VX-2cx
Runco steps into the future once again with the Video Xtreme™ VX-2cx projection system, among the first DLP™ projectors to offer a 16:9 native resolution, 3-chip system for home theater.
The introduction off the PL-50HDX flat-panel plasma display is Runco International’s latest triumph offering enhanced features to picture quality and contrast.
Theta Digital
Dreadnaught II
Dreadnaught II is a tour de force in design, execution, and audible performance.
Theta Digital
Casablanca III
The Casablanca III has a Completely NEW Operating System with faster, streamlined operations.
Theta Digital
The heart of the Enterprise is its fully-balanced differential, zero-feedback circuitry, with meticulously selected solid-state devices throughout.