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Reference 110 Stereo Power Amplifier

The Reference 110 will redefine expectations and value in a truly state-of-the-art stereo amplifier. It is perfect for anyone who does not require the high power provided by our larger monoblock Reference amplifiers.
Audio Research
VSi55 Integrated Tube Amplifier
We are very pleased to inform you of an addition to the series, the VSi55 Integrated Amplifier. With a rated output of 50 watts per channel and a reasonable price, a remarkable level of performance, build quality and value is now available to a much wider group of music lovers.
Audio Research
CD3 MKII Digital Transport CD Player
The MKII retains the inherent musicality of the original while delivering even higher resolution and lower distortion, along with a new, more elegant remote control.
Audio Research
Reference 3 Line-Stage Preamplifier
The REF3 is so good that it is startling when you hear it in your system. It is more musically transparent. It presents an immense soundstage that makes everything else sound one-dimensional.
Audio Research
Reference CD7
The Reference CD7 vacuum-tube player / transport - the first digital product from Audio Research to justify the "Reference" badge.
Ayre Acoustics
MX-R mono amplifier
Breathing new life and vitality into your favorite compositions, the Ayre MX-R will change the way you listen to music.
Coda Technologies Inc.
Coda 05x pre + CSX amp
The Coda 05x preamplifier and CSX amplifier.
Grado Labs
Reference Series
The newest edition to the Grado family, the RS2 is the little brother of the RS1.
The MAJIK CD player is a dedicated, high-performance 2-channel CD player for music lovers, which also includes the flexibility to play a number of other 2-channel formats that are available today, such as MP3 and HDCD.
MAJIK KONTROL Pre-amplifier
The MAJIK KONTROL pre-amplifier is a flexible, high-performance 2-channel pre-amplifier for music lovers, which allows six stereo sources to be connected and includes an integrated Moving Magnet / Moving Coil phono stage for turntable connection.
MAJIK 2100 Power Amplifier
The MAJIK 2100 power amplifier is a powerful, high-performance 2-channel power amplifier for music lovers, which uses the renowned CHAKRA amplifier topology - an extremely advanced, efficient design. Whether used to improve the sound of your existing system or used as part of the complete MAJIK system, the MAJIK 2100 power amplifier offers a significant performance enhancement.
MC2102 Vacumn Tube Amplifier
The MC2102 Vacumn Tube Amplifier shares key characteristics with the MC2000, including the fact that they were both designed and engineered by McIntosh co-founder Sidney Corderman.
M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier
With 2-channels of 180-watts of pure power, we're quite certain the M3 meets the outline of our technical brief which reads, "The industrial design must create a physical presence that is powerful, dynamic and solid, yet refined and elegant."
CD 1000
The electronic components and the CD drive laser mechanism are similar to those in our famous CD 2000.
CD 2000
Oracle CD Players are to be praised as much for their appearance as their performance.
Apollo CD Player
This revolutionary new player will analyse the disc to be played and (rather like the engine management system on a modern car which optimises the engine settings to ambient temperature, engine temperature, fuel quality etc.) will adjust itself to the disc in order to give optimal trouble free reading and great sound quality.
Wadia 581 Disc Player
The 581 and 581i Disc Players represent true innovation from Wadia and signal the company’s commitment to provide customers with expanded features and superior sound.